The Units

The core of a Mythos of Legends force! The units are placed upon the battlefield, where the majority of gameplay takes place and where your decisions and actions will determine glorious victory or magnanimous defeat. Units in the game are placed upon rectangular or square bases – described in game as formation units – or on round bases as Solo units.

Formation units represent all manner of warriors from across history and legend, from massed blocks of legionaries, to elite packs of hunters and huntsmen; from packs of trampling warbeasts, to hosts of charioteers; from troops of cavalry to devastating war engines; from hordes of cowed slaves, to towering monsters of unimaginable horror. Mythos of Legends draws them all into the fray. Solo units represent more specialist game pieces: Commanders who can enable players to pragmatically alter tactics mid-turn; mystics and mages who can enhance or undo the prowess of those around them; and specialist assassins and beasts who can stalk behind the enemy lines and cause havoc to an opponent’s battleplan.

Whilst the patron deity of you army will determine the chances of success for each action, the unit’s attributes, equipment and special rules that will help determine how many dice you will roll, and any other factors that may help or hinder your chances. A cunning general will know to build their army with complementary units to support and enhance their strategy, placing units in key positions to boost chances of success, to influence and modify the odds when the dice would otherwise be against them and to alter and redetermine decisions that would have already been set in stone.

Collecting a host of Units for Mythos of Legends couldn’t be easier or cheaper, with multiple army boxes being released for each faction as the Kickstarter stretch goals are met. With ten potential army sets to be unlocked across five factions, backing the Mythos of Legends Kickstarter is the fastest way to begin collecting the exciting armies of your choice, with all of the tokens you need to play included with the force.

Follow the link below to see the exclusive army sets available through the Mythos of Legends Kickstarter page:

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