The Miniatures

The core of any tabletop wargame system is the range of collectable miniatures for hobbyists to collect, assemble and paint into a force of their own that they can be proud. It is these miniatures they will array with pride before mustering into battle against an opponent for glory and most of all, for fun.

The factions and miniatures of Mythos of Legends draw upon history, legend and even pulp-fiction to provide players with a unique and diverse collection they may not be able to create through current gaming systems. To begin with, the factions of Mythos of Legend draw inspiration from Classical Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt, the Pagans of Dark Age Northern Europe and the Eldritch Abominations of HP Lovecraft’s stories, with more to follow over time!

Mythos of Legends miniatures are sculpted to three approximate scales: 35mm for the Deities, 10mm for the traditional units and mainstay of the game, and 15mm for Legendary figures to stand out amongst the rank-and-file and provide centrepiece components to the game. These decisions were made to help players differentiate each unit’s roles within a game, but also to allow hobbyists a practical system to build and collect a dynamic range of figures to construct and paint that can fit into any hobbyist’s lifestyle.

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